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"The novelist F Scott Fitzgerald once noted that ‘the rich are different to us’ and he wasn’t simply talking about the fact that they had more money; there is a certain intangible glamour attached to extreme wealth that fascinates almost all of us.


Such a concept can be hard to convey; yet step aboard the classic commuter yacht Judith R and suddenly it all makes sense...Beneath the varnish and snow-white decks there’s something else; an intangible aura about this magnificent yacht; a sprinkling of stardust. For the ghosts of a golden age of glamour and wealth seem to haunt her very frames and whisper of a different world." - Classic Boat, November 2016

"Hollywood Royalty", a boat from the glamourous years of Hollywood, owned by a movie mogul, appeared in movies and her decks were graced my movie stars and royalty from the1930s to the 1970s

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